Want the low down on entering the comp?

Time to hit submit!

Hey Filmmakers,

Don’t panic! You’ve still got time to put the final touches on your film – that’s why we’re here now with the low down on entering the Nextwave Short Film Competition, to save you trying to figure out the fine print after a late-night editing session right on the deadline!

Plus, if you want the Nextwave Team to provide you any feedback, now’s the time! Email us with a link to your film draft on Youtube, Vimeo or a Google Drive/Dropbox file. We’re happy to check out scripts and ideas too! 

How to Enter

1. Read the Terms & Conditions

2. Prep your film ready to send

3. Fill out the Entry Form

4. Submit your film before Monday October 26 (by 11.59pm)

Read the rules
We know, boring right? Whilst we’re all for the breaking of filmmaking rules and conventions, it’s important you understand the conditions of entering Nextwave. Head here to give them a read – there’s important info about what file types you can submit and more.

The really important stuff?
Your film is primarily made by 10-25 year old’s, doesn’t exceed 5 minutes, is suitable for all audiences and was made this year! 

Prep your film ready to send
Last minute touches – this is the time. Remember, show don’t tell. If you can tell your story better in 3-minutes instead of 5, then do that! Be ruthless and cut it. You can enter as many short films as you’d like – we love seeing filmmakers developing their skills over the year!  

Fill out the entry form
Give us the deets! We need to know who worked on your short film, and how to contact you. The 50 word description will be used in the official SWIFF program if you’re a finalist, so make your film sound as amazing as possible!  

Send in the film
The important bit! We can’t judge your film if we don’t actually receive it. You can send your film in however is easiest for you, including sending a USB in the post! Online storage like Dropbox is great, as is uploading to Vimeo (choose unlisted and downloadable settings). If you get stuck, send us an email, or ask your teacher to reach out to the Nextwave Team. 

There’s less than a week left to the deadline, so if you’re wrapping up or just starting to brainstorm, there’s still time to get an awesome film into Nextwave and win big!

Happy Filmmaking!

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