Top tips for making a film in a weekend!

4 weeks to go!

Hey filmmakers, 

It’s school holiday time for some of you, and almost school holiday time for the rest! Hooray!

Our competition deadline extension means that you’ve got up until October 26 at midnight to submit your films, but for those of you who might be looking for a holiday project, or simply like to work under the pump, here are our top tips for smashing out a film over a weekend! 

Top tips for making a film in a weekend
(or two!)

1. Believe in yourself!
Cheesy, right? But it’s important to set yourself up for success! The way we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on our motivation, so keep up positive self-talk and positive talk amongst your team, it’ll help keep you on track. 

2. Go big
Don’t be afraid of an ambitious story. Get crazy and creative with it! Part of the fun of setting yourself 24 or 36 hours to complete a short film is that you don’t have any time to second guess yourself, allow your wildest ideas to rise to the surface and embrace the weird. 

3. Go solo
Perhaps you’ve got one film in the works, either with your school, or a group of friends, and you’d like to submit something that’s all yours. Perhaps you’ve just left it too late and you’re looking for a project to work on solo! Making a film in a group is a great way to collaborate, but working on something that’s all your own is also really rewarding.

4. Get animated!
Every year we receive some amazingly creative animations. Stop motion animation can be a really unique way to tell a story, using everyday objects, clay, lego, other toys or anything else you can think of to tell a story without any need for actors! If you’re making an animation on a short time frame, be sure and find a space where you can leave your work uninterrupted, don’t waste time packing and unpacking your work!

You’ve got just over a month until the deadline, so if you’re wrapping up or just starting to brainstorm, there’s plenty of time to get an awesome film into Nextwave! 

Make sure to check out Nextwave Online for more comprehensive tips on how to make a great short film. 

Happy filmmaking!

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