What is Nextwave Online?

Keen to learn about movie making but don’t know where to start? Nextwave Online provides all the film making know-how. All in one place. 

We break down the essentials on how to write, film and edit – plus everything in between – with step-by-step, pre-recorded workshop episodes. Each episode runs for approximately 20 minutes and is presented by the team behind the Screenwave International Film Festival (SWIFF) with special guests popping up along the way.

Check out the workshop options below to start your journey to making great short films! You can also get in touch with the team for more info HERE.

Nextwave Online is developed by the team at Coffs Harbour’s Screenwave International Film Festival to help young creatives and teachers to produce quality short films in their community.

Nextwave Online is a subscription service providing access to fun, engaging and educational workshop episodes that cover the fundamentals of making a short film: from writing to filming to editing, and beyond. No previous experience is required.

All of the best tips, tools, and techniques are all together in one place for you. The aim of the new program is to teach communication skills through filmmaking, using technology that becomes increasingly more accessible, to capture stories from Australia’s youth not just around arts, but also across sports, agriculture, health, and science. It’s about capturing important Australian stories – your stories!

Subscriptions run calendar year. 



The first season of Nextwave Online includes 10 workshop episodes, including fun activities, workshop companion guides and loads of resources to help students and teachers throughout the entire short filmmaking process.

Your subscription to Nextwave Online includes access to:

  • 10 x comprehensive workshop episodes on how to write, film and edit short films (each episode is approx. 20 minutes long)
  • A unique login to access all workshop episodes via the Nextwave Online learning portal
  • Access to additional resources, workshop companion guides and activities to get the most out of your new film education
  • Access to the Nextwave Short Film Archive (previous Nextwave competition films), so you can see all the previous winners and finalists of the Nextwave short film competition (NB, films contain adolescent themes)
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