The Bachelor of Digital Media at Southern Cross University prepares you to tell the stories that matter, while you develop the creative and production skills you need for a career in today’s fast-paced media environments.

You’ll develop skills in writing, production, visual and research skills, and gain access to work experience opportunities and networks of industry professionals across the media and communications spectrum.

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What our graduates think

Director and cinematographer Mirco Guidon is a 2015 and 2016 Nextwave Youth Film Awards winner and a Southern Cross University media graduate.

Mirco said there was no singular path to follow in developing a career as a filmmaker.

“I made short films, submitting them to local festivals including Nextwave (called Rec Ya Shorts at the time), watched countless hours of YouTube tutorials and at the same time studied Media at Southern Cross Uni which gave me a strong theoretical foundation. It’s a constant process of learning, but it started with just getting started. With getting out there and shooting.”

Professional placement

This course includes a compulsory 100-hour professional placement that allows you to gain invaluable workplace experience across the media and communications spectrum: at radio or television stations, in newspapers and publishing houses, on film shoots, at film festivals or in graphic design or post-production companies.

Career opportunities

Digital media specialists work in fields such as film, television and radio, newspapers and magazines, online media, graphic design, marketing, advertising and public relations

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