Awards & Prizes

There are a bunch of reasons to make a short film: to flex your creativity, to improve your mental health, to learn new skills, to communicate an idea in a fun and unique way; and of course, to win some amazing awards and prizes!


🏆 2020 First Prize (Young Regional Filmmaker of the Year)

🏆 2020 Runner Up

🏆 2020 Best School (primary + secondary)

🏆 2020 Best Film (10-14 age category)

🏆 2020 Best Film (15-17 age category)

🏆 2020 Best Film (18-25 age category)



🏆 Best Director

🏆 Best Cinematographer 

🏆 Best Screenwriter

🏆 Best Actor

🏆 Best Editor

🏆 Best Sound

🏆 Best Documentary

🏆 People’s Choice Award

The Top Prize this year is, drum roll please….a BRAND NEW Playstation 5! That’s right, you’ll be able to go home with the latest in gaming tech.

Runner Up Prize is nothing to scoff at either, being cold, hard cash! $500 worth, to be precise!

Stay tuned for some more incredible major prizes still to be announced. Make sure to check back and keep up-to-date on our News and Blog Page.

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