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Set up your students for the future.

Filmmaking is a communication skill for the future – not just for the arts, but across science, sport, agriculture and health. Now that the technology is readily available – it’s in our social media feeds, it’s how we educate ourselves – and it’s how young people learn.

If you are wanting to teach filmmaking to your class this year, Nextwave Online provides you all the content mapped out across 10 episodes, with each module fitting into a high school period, allowing time for discussion as well.

No experience in filmmaking is required to teach this to your class. Schools just need to subscribe to the Nextwave Online service, which provides access to all of the episodes (licensed to screen in front of your class), along with activities for your class to do and a workshop companion guide to help you guide the conversation.

Nextwave Online teaches all aspects of beginner short filmmaking across ten modules:

  1. Starting the filmmaking journey
  2. Finding inspiration and story ideas
  3. How to develop a story for a short film
  4. Building your film world – costuming, make-up, and props
  5. Storyboarding, shot types, and getting organised before a film shoot
  6. Anatomy of a film camera – getting to know your equipment
  7. How to run a film set
  8. How to use video editing software to cut together a film
  9. Understanding beginner sound design and music for film
  10. How to get your short film seen by others

Nextwave short film competition

Each year, the Nextwave short film competition is free to enter for all regional Australians aged 10 -25 years– so your students can put their newfound filmmaking skills into practice in the real world.

The competition awards tens of thousands of dollars in prizes to young regional filmmakers and their schools each year, with the best short films each year screening at the Nextwave Youth Film Awards – regional Australia’s largest youth film celebration – a major event of Coffs Harbour’s Screenwave International Film Festival.

The best short films each year are included in the travelling Nextwave Youth Week Film Festival, which screens annually at over 20 regional towns and cities across Australia (includes up to 5 locally produced short films!). Speak to your local council about bringing the Nextwave Youth Week Film Festival to your community.

Nextwave short film archive

If you are wanting to inspire your students, your school’s Nextwave Online subscription also provides access to the complete back catalogue of previous years’ Nextwave short film competition finalist and winning films.

Schools receive price subsidy

We have collated the learning plan and content. The subscription price for all regional Australian schools receive a partial subsidy by the Screenwave International Film Festival and Southern Cross University.

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