3 days to go!

The finish line is in sight...

Hey Filmmakers,

Yep, it really is the final stretch of the competition now (we promise there’s no more 6 week extensions hidden up our sleeves) so it’s time for the final shine on your films, time to step back, and time to celebrate your hard work!

Need a refresher on the entering process – check out our blog post here!

Our final tips today will cover looking after yourself, and making sure the film gets finished!

How to Enter

1. Read the Terms & Conditions

2. Prep your film ready to send

3. Fill out the Entry Form

4. Submit your film before Monday October 26 (by 11.59pm)

You're nearly done!

Be Kind
Working to a deadline can be stressful, which can sometimes bring out some bad habits – remember to get enough sleep, take breaks, eat well, go for walks and be kind to yourself physically and mentally.

Get Connected
Make time to chat with friends or family this weekend! Set up an online video game session, or even show one final draft to someone who hasn’t seen it yet! 

Be Tough
Remember to keep a bit of a thick skin about your film. If you get some feedback about your film that makes you feel a bit sensitive, remember that the other person just wants to bring out the best in your awesome film! If you need to cut a scene for time that you really loved, maybe save that idea for your next film. Stay resilient and creative! 

Get Excited
And when it’s all done? Be sure to celebrate and acknowledge that you’ve achieved something really major!

Alright – three days left filmmakers! We can’t stress enough that you should submit your film no matter what! If something isn’t 100% finished – just get it in! Chances are, we might not even notice something that you’ve been obsessing over!

And if something big comes up for you this weekend and you can’t get your film in – fill out the entry form before the deadline, and get in touch with the team to let us know your circumstances – we’ll try and help you out!

Happy Filmmaking!

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