Who’s going to see your film?

Been thinking about your audience?

Hey filmmakers, 

Perhaps the most important thing to think about when making a film is thinking about who’s going to see it! There are many production companies and directors who only make one type or genre of film, and because of that, they have attracted a very particular but loyal audience who follow their work. 

For instance, you wouldn’t see a super scary horror film coming from Wes Anderson any time soon!

Below are some tips to keep your audience in mind when working on your film, and of course to make sure you have the best chance of cleaning up at the Nextwave Youth Film Awards next SWIFF!

Top tips for sharing your film!

Be Clear
When you’re super close to your film you know your story and characters very well. You know exactly why they make certain decisions, or why they have that super convenient prop that saves the day. But you audience might be left wondering ‘wait, where did that come from?’. And of course this is a tricky one, because you don’t want to over explain things either! An easy solution is to show your story or a draft of your film to someone new, and ask for feedback! 

Be Sharp
Keeping your camera in focus and your shots well framed (check out episode 6 of Nextwave Online for more on this!) and making sure dialogue is clear and understandable is so important because it directs the focus of the audience and leaves you in control of how the viewer experiences your film!

Be Self-serving
Yes yes, this is a newsletter all about working for the audience, but this is still your film! Making sure an audience will understand and enjoy the film doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal flair, point of view and subject matter. 

Be Soundy
Music and sound effects are a really great way to influence the audiences perception, and wordlessly communicate character motivations and settings. Spooky music and slow, creaky sound effects will give your film a different energy to poppy upbeat music and strong, energetic sounds. Episode 9 of Nextwave Online has heaps more about sound in your film! 


We touch on thinking of your audience in the Nextwave Online Filmmaking Workshops, so check them out if you haven’t already!

Happy filmmaking!

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