Top Tips: Pro tips for editing your film

Cut it up!

Hey Filmmakers,

It’s time to cut loose! Editing your film is one of the really exciting parts, it’s the first time you get to sit down and actually SEE what you’ve been working on.

They say a film is remade three times, when you write, when you film and when you edit, so seize the opportunity to have fun with your footage! Maybe you’ll change the timeline of the story, use music to completely change the characters mood or otherwise use cuts and transitions to change the pacing.

Here’s our top tips!

Top Tips

Ask for help
Don’t have all the equipment or know-how to dive straight into editing? No worries! Find a friend or adult with a top knotch computer and some tech know-how. Chances are, they’ll have at least a clue about editing software and how to use it. Plus, a fresh pair of eyes on the project never hurts. YouTube tutorials are your best friend.

Play with pacing
Remember that the short shots and quick cuts will speed up the film and create an energetic vibe, while longer shots and fading transitions will chill things out. Audiences will respond best when you use a bit of both across your film!

Take a break
Make sure you give yourself enough time to step back from editing for a day or two. Fussing over a second here or there until your eyes go square isn’t helping, so go get outside and forget all about it for a little while. You’ll come back and find figuring out the problem a lot easier.

Don’t stress
Speaking of giving yourself time? Don’t leave editing to the last minute! And don’t try and pull an all-nighter on it. Chances are you’ll end up over-stressed and under-inspired and scrap the whole thing. Invest as much in editing as you did writing and shooting.

You’ve got close to 6 weeks left to work on your film, and we reckon that’s time to get started on a sequel or help out a friend on a new project! Filmmakers who can show they have a real passion for making short films are in the running to win the Nextwave comp’s Rising Talent Award- plus you’ll be continuing to learn and improve your movie making skills!

Remember we’re always here to help, you can reply to these newsletters with questions, check out our previous top tips on our blog HERE, or go through our filmmaking resources folder HERE.

Happy Filmmaking!

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