Time to crush the home stretch! Short film entries due THIS Tuesday!

Ready to cross the finish line?

Hey Filmmakers,

Okay, we’ve been saying it’s time to finish up your films for a few weeks now, but this time we reeeally mean it. Films are due by 11.59pm on Tuesday night!

Our top tips this week will cover creative burnout and looking after your mental health while you’re aiming to hit a deadline (ours, for school or otherwise). Plus, a final rundown on the checklist to make sure you’re ready to call it a wrap!

Good luck filmmakers, we can’t wait to see your films!

Top Tips

Step back
If you find yourself going over, and over, and over the same thing, continually second-guessing what works best, it’s probably time for a break. Hang out with your pets, do some chores or go for a walk, swim, dance, whatever you need to get your mind away from the film. Fresh eyes will give you perspective!

Reach out
If you’re finding yourself getting frustrated, upset, or using unkind words towards yourself because of your film project, it’s time to see if a friend or family member is up for chat, grab a cup of tea and get your mind back into a positive space. Being creative is about having fun, and while we know it can get frustrating, it’s not worth getting into a negative space. Come back to your film later.

Treat time!
Treat. Yo. Self. Do some baking, take a bath, go for a surf or watch your favourite movie again. You’re working hard, and rewards are a great way to stay motivated – you’ve earned it!

Wrap up
It’s late Sunday evening, and you feel like the film is done. But you’ve got a whole day left till the deadline! There comes a point where it’s time to just say goodbye to the film and send it in. If you’ll only spend a few hours going back and forth on minor changes, spend that time writing a great blurb for the film, or selecting your favourite frame for the key still. 

The Run Down


STEP 2: Prep your film ready to send


Read the rules
We know, boring right? Whilst we’re all for the breaking of filmmaking rules and conventions, it’s important you understand the conditions of entering Nextwave. Most importantly – your film must be made by 10-25 year olds, be suitable for all audiences and was made this year!

Prep your film ready to send
Export in the best possible quality, and double check the file for any export issues. Write a blurb promoting the film, and pick a frame that best sells the story. You can also add a directors statement, or include any fun behind the scenes info in your submission!

Fill out the important info
Via FilmFreeway, it’s important that we know your Date of Birth, postcode and when you completed the film – this help us assess your eligibility for the competition. We also need to know who worked on the film with you, if you’re at school & how we can contact you (y’know, so we can tell you if you win!).

Send in the film
The important bit! We can’t judge your film if we don’t actually receive it. You submit via Film Freeway this year – but if you need to submit another way, like via USB post, or in a bulk school submission, send us an email, or have a teacher call their contact on the Nextwave Team.

There you have it - happy filmmaking!

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