Top Tips: Making A Film In A Weekend? It’s Possible!

The finish line is in sight…

Hey Filmmakers,

The entries are trickling in now! We’re so excited to see your films coming in, and all the different ways you’ve interpreted our 2019 theme and item. Don’t forget to fill out the entry form when you send your film in, we need that information to judge your film!

For this week’s newsletter, we wanted to share some tips for the procrastinators out there who love to wait until the pressure is on! Sometimes that’s precisely when inspiration strikes, and we encourage you to follow that inspiration!

Here’s our top tips for crafting a top notch short film over a weekend.

Top Tips

Believe in yourself!
Cheesy, right? But it’s important to set yourself up for success! The way we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on our motivation, so keep up positive self-talk and positive talk amongst your team, it’ll help keep you on track.

Go big
Don’t be afraid of an ambitious story. Get crazy and creative with it! Part of the fun of setting yourself 24 or 36 hours to complete a short film is that you don’t have any time to second guess yourself, allow your wildest ideas to rise to the surface and embrace the weird.

Collaborate (and listen)
Teamwork is vital if you’re trying to stretch time. Many hands make light work, and many brains are great for problem solving. Make sure you listen to the ideas your teammates have, and keep up a collaborative attitude. Everybody wants to stay friends at the end of this.

Sound out
This goes for all the filmmakers out there: double check that you have all the permissions you need for the sound (and stock images) that go into your short film. A rush to the deadline isn’t an excuse for stealing music- so allow yourself some time to find your sound.

We hope you’ve all had fun working on your submissions for the Nextwave Competition this year. Remember the most important part of making a film is giving it a go. You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Don’t forget that all finalists will have their short film screen at the Nextwave Youth Film Awards, as part of SWIFF 2020 this January 9th-24th. Passes to the festival are on sale now, with the full program, including Nextwave finalists, released later this year.

In the two weeks leading to the Nextwave deadline, feel free to reach out with any questions via email or our Facebook page, and good luck!

Happy filmmaking!

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