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Learn Filmmaking Online

Learn the fundamentals of short filmmaking with Nextwave Online!

Learn how to write, shoot, and edit your film, then enter the 2023 Nextwave Youth Short Film Competition for chance to win some amazing films and prizes, have your film premiere at the 2024 Screenwave International Film Festival in Coffs Harbour, before being part of a National Screenings Tour! 

The official 2023 Nextwave Competition Theme and Item is TORCH and STRENGTH. Your films need to reflect themes of strength – that could be physical feats strength, mental strength, emotional strength, wherever your imagination takes you! Maybe you want to make an adventure film where your main character is exploring a cave and needs to use their wits to find the treasure, or an action film where the protagonist has to use mental resilience to escape their predicament!  The choice is yours!

Fill in the contact form below with your details, and a member of the Nextwave team will send you login details so you can jump in and start learning filmmaking for FREE thanks to Ryde City Council.

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