It’s filmmaking adventure time!

Quiet on set!

Hey filmmakers, 

Happy spring! What a glorious time of year. The renewal of the seasons is a fantastic time of year to get creative and start filming, the flowers are blooming, and there’s transformation literally in the air. To the seasonal allergy sufferers out there: our condolences. Filming inside is a totally valid option. 

So, the deadline is 7 weeks away, but that’s a whole mountain of time to get filming your script, transform your words on paper to moving images on screen. and we’ve got the top tips to make that happen. 

Happy filmmaking!

Top Tips: Filmmaking Adventure Time

1. Prep it up
Be safe, be sun screened, bring spare batteries, spare SD cards, snacks, water and more – make a list and check it twice. Plus, make sure you have permission to film the places and people in your film ahead of time.

2. Make focus fun
Having fun creating your film is vital! Know when you can goof around, and when to have your game face on. Focus when you need to, so you can have fun when you want to. If you have a timeline of what you need to get done and when – you’ll know when you can party! Nothing’s more fun than scheduled fun!

3. Explore first
Take yourself on an adventure to look for interesting places near you! Celebrate what’s unique about your town when it comes to finding a cool location. Plus. it’s a great opportunity to shake off all the screen time and change up your surrounds – it might just be when inspiration strikes! Remember to always be safe, and tell an adult where you’re going.

4. Celebrate good times!
Rewards and celebrations once you wrap filming are the best way to chat about what worked AND get yourself hyped for the edit! Take a break before you get stuck into the edit so you come back with fresh eyes on your work.

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