Top Tips on Scripts!

So you're looking to write a script

Hey Filmmakers, 

School is well and truly back, and we hope you were inspired by a great idea for how ‘What’s Next?’ will work for your short film.

The next step is building on that idea to make an awesome story – and turning that into a script to make things nice and easy for you and your team to film! 

The deadline is quickly approaching, but you’ve still got over a month to get your film in! Remember, submissions close Monday September 21st (at midnight), and you can always email the team before then if you have any questions. 

Today we’re going to take you through some hot tips for scripts and writing, but for a more in depth look at formatting, scripting styles and way more, check out the Nextwave Online workshops! 

Our tips!

1. KISS! (keep it simple, silly!)
Got an awesome idea for a 6-character, multiple plot-line epic? Awesome! For short films though, it’s best to stick to the advice that simpler is better. Maybe choose a small section of that idea to develop into a really air-tight short film!

2. Watch (and read!) more movies
This is our favourite advice to give. Not only is it a pretty fun form of homework, it really is the most effective way to start understanding how films are made. Search for the script of some of your favourite films HERE, give it a re-watch, and see how the script translates to what you see!

3. Trial and error
Another reason we can’t stress enough to keep your film as sweet and simple as possible – you’ll give yourself the time and resources to make multiple films! Every film will be better than the last, so why not make 3 x two-minute films and try out heaps of new ideas and filmmaking techniques!

4. Sharing is caring
Making a film can be really time consuming, and it might be easy to get discouraged, but if you set aside just a little bit of time every day, you’ll find yourself putting a story together much easier than if you try to write it all in one sitting. Consider working with a friend or group and emailing each other each time you think of something new! 

That’s all from us this week, remember that if you’re still stuck on your script idea, you can email the team and we can take a little look-see for you! We love interacting with filmmakers, and are happy to give feedback. 

Happy filmmaking!

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