Nextwave Online Episode VI now available!

Hey film friends!

We’ve been getting some amazing feedback about Nextwave Online, and we are so thrilled that so many people are loving the workshops as much as we love making them! 

There’s always room for improvement of course, so any and all feedback is always welcomed. 

Previously on Nextwave Online...

Who doesn’t love a recap? 

Our wonderful Nextwave Online-rs have learned a lot from the first 5 (and a half) episodes of the program, including: 

  • Episode I: Get Started – Meet the team, learn about film set roles, and find out why we love movies!
  • Episode II: Get Inspired – We talk about #inspo! Where to get it, and why it’s important. You’ll also learn about genre, formatting, and the different types of movies you can make. 
  • Episode III: Get Your Story – Let’s talk about story! The team will teach you all about basic story structure, as well as different scripting techniques. Super important stuff!
  • Episode IV: Get Visual – Get ready for the exciting world of costumes, props and production design! If movies were a person, then costumes and props would absolutely be what that person wore and interacted with. We’ll also talk about finding the perfect crew for the job. 
  • Episode V: Get Organised – Learn to plan like a pro! This episode is an intro to camera angles and techniques, as well as a tutorial on storyboarding. 
  • Episode Va: Bonus Episode! – Get ready to get advanced! Learn how to be ultimately organised using shotlists and shooting schedules. 

Episode VI: Get Your Camera is here!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve just released Episode VI: Get Your Camera! You’ll be filming like a pro by the end of this one.

Whether you’re using a DSLR or your just your phone, this latest episode get into the nitty gritty of camera operations, as well as why it’s important to always have a backup plan. 

As well as the fantastic workshop content, Nextwave Online also provides extra resources, customised for each episode, such as Companion Guides, fun Activity Sheets, and way more! 

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Happy filmmaking!

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