2019 Workshop tour kicks off!

2019 Workshop Tour Begins!

We’re off to the races, bringing our 2019 workshop tour to schools all around Regional NSW. This year we’ll be reaching more schools than ever, because we’ve opened up the competition! For our 5th year, we’ve decided to up the ante, and are now taking submissions from anyone aged 10-25 living in a regional part of Australia (not open to city-slickers).

Keep up to date with our newsletters over the next few months for tips and resources across the whole filmmaking journey, from writing and planning, to filming and editing. Whether you’re making a narrative, documentary or abstract film, we’re here to help! We’ll also have updates on new prizes, our 2019 judging panel and more exciting news!

Your 2019 short film entries need to be under 6 minutes, should be inspired by the theme of DISCOVERY and creatively include the item GAME.

What will you be discovering? A new place? An amazing invention? Or something even more out of the ordinary…

And what does the word game mean to you? Playing a board game with your family? Being ‘game’ to try something new? Playing tricks on someone? Or… just staying up too late playing video games?

Remember that we have an entire directory of resources for you to use, available HERE on our website.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and we’re excited to help you on the path to making your first (or 10th!) short film. Reach out with any questions by replying to this email, or finding us on Facebook.

As always,

Happy Filmmaking!

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